Tina & Julian, Iron Horse Wedding

I adored Tina and Julian from the minute we met earlier this year. Their wedding at Iron Horse was so much fun to photograph, from their bonfire the night before to dancing the night away in the most beautiful of settings. Congratulations to this beautiful family! xx_MG_6582_MG_6753_MG_6799_MG_6660_MG_6745_MG_6724_MG_6806_MG_6914_MG_6840_MG_6902_MG_6933_MG_6863_MG_6885_MG_6953_MG_6985_MG_7084_MG_7127_MG_7150_MG_7328_MG_7455_MG_7474_MG_7484_MG_7525_MG_7544_MG_7554_MG_9549_MG_7942_MG_7775_MG_7850_MG_8485_MG_7981_MG_8014_MG_9921_MG_9897_MG_9894_MG_8085_MG_8147_MG_8134_MG_8193_MG_8215_MG_8203_MG_8331_MG_9288_MG_8703_MG_8523_MG_8392_MG_9960IMG_8863


Tia & Dan, Downtown Raleigh Wedding

It’s wedding season and this day couldn’t have been any more perfect for a wedding. Tia and Dan decided on a small intimate wedding and I must sat it was perfect! The Tucker House was the perfect spot to celebrate this beautiful couple. I am so grateful to have been able to capture the wedding of these two amazing people. Congrats Tia and Dan!_MG_9482_MG_9316_MG_9376_MG_9432_MG_9386_MG_9465_MG_9944_MG_9488_MG_9505_MG_9522_MG_9527_MG_9562_MG_9204_MG_9210_MG_9895_MG_9881_MG_9919_MG_9735_MG_9219_MG_9277_MG_9970tia_dan4


The Steinbergs, Chapel Hill

One of my favorite things about photographing families is capturing their joy in celebration along with the sweet and intimate moments they share. I was so fortunate to be able to photograph the Steinberg’s during  Leo’s first birthday party a few weeks back. From just the family hanging out to Leo’s amazing cake smash…love!steinberg_8237_MG_8950_MG_8378_MG_8412_MG_8390_MG_8641_MG_8682_MG_8754_MG_8764_MG_8276_MG_8264_MG_8267